Know² mobile applications for law enforcement

Know²  is redefining how officers use information and knowledge in the field; making them more effective in fighting crime and serving the public.

Modern law enforcement work requires being knowledgeable about complex crimes, best practice and correct operating procedures. It also requires collecting and transmitting large amounts of information and being able to collaborate. While criminals often have access to the latest technology to commit crime, law enforcement is often at disadvantage not having the latest technology to access information and exchange knowledge in the field.

Know² is redifining how law enforcement operates with the next generation of mobile applications for law enforcement, which allows officers to access expert knowledge, follow standard operating procedures and access and record information and evidence directly in the field; enabling them to deliver improved outcomes to the public they serve.

mobile applications for law enforcement

Benefits of using Know² Mobile applications

Know² allows front line officers in the field to have at all times easy to understand, high quality knowledge and information to perform their enforcement tasks using globally accepted best practice.

For each type of incident, officers follow a task list with clear instructions and videos on how to perform each task.

Depending on the incident and task, different tools are provided for example satellite images, street view, navigation, location of other officers, etc.

This improves access to quality information and improves decision making.  It also makes it easier for officers to follow proper operating procedures and not miss a crucial step in the process.

Officers can easily record information directly in the field. Evidence and incident information is automatically captioned with the relevant information based on the step in the process or the action being performed.

At any time during the process, the officer can send incident information and request expert advice.

A professional report can automatically generated, which can be further refined back at the office.

This reduces bureaucracy and reliance on manual processes and paperwork and saves double checking of information back at the office.

  • Law enforcement planners have access to real time and historical data as to where and when incidents occurred to better manage law enforcement resources.
  • Know² enhances and economizes various forms of law enforcement training and field operations as they are carried out electronically.
  • Planners are able to give law enforcement officers in the field access to the agencies checklists and best practice methodology.