Know² law enforcement training and consulting services

Know² works with Law Enforcement, financial institutions, international organizations and donors. Our law enforcement expertise and best practice developed all over the world ensures effective training and a knowledgeable workforce.

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Know² brings a comprehensive range of law enforcement related learning and development solutions to clients, allowing them to deliver more effective performance.

Our services include: Customized law enforcement e-Learning courses, managed learning services, consulting, classroom training services, management and delivery of training workshops and seminars.

Developing the capacity of law enforcement with training on subjects such as: Forensics, first responders, enhancement of cross-border and transnational cooperation, intelligence-led policing, precursor identification, investigation and digital evidence.

The significance and value of training has long been recognised. With the emerging organisational reality where change, competition, workforce demographics, human rights and gender are imminent, training and development has become ever more important.

A TNA is a process concerned with the identification and evaluation of training needs and cost effective- solutions for meeting those requirements. The TNA relies on obtaining accurate quantitative and qualitative data from a variety of sources. This data then needs to be objectively analysed and logical conclusions drawn.

Know² expert consultants are equipped to provide inexpensive, efficient and accurate training needs assessments for law enforcement organisations across the globe. Experienced international consultants identify your training requirements and training gaps based on professional consultation within your organisation.
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Know² has a cadre of internationally recognised law enforcement professionals from around the globe who are able to provide technical assistance to law enforcement organisations.

Know² is able to provide technical advice for the improvement of national law enforcement agencies and can strengthen responses in the key areas of training, investigation, intelligence and crime prevention. This includes strengthening the role of police and their relationships with communities in crime prevention and knowledge sharing.

At the national and international organisational level, Know² law enforcement professionals integrate wherever possible with national and international agencies and their projects to foster a holistic approach to challenges in the law enforcement sector. The direct beneficiaries of our services are national and international law enforcement agencies (police, customs, border guards, airport security, seaports/river patrols and transportation security) through the provision of technical advice, training and promoting intra and inter agency cooperation. Know² can tailor appropriate solutions to the diverging priority problems across countries for law enforcement organisations.

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Donors, international organizations, and law enforcement agencies trust and rely on Know² to create training content that meets global quality standards, can be rolled out to a large audience and at the same time is customized for local circumstances.

Using our systematic approach, best practice and law enforcement subject matter experts from over the world, we are able to bring you world class content to meet your needs.

The Know² approach to training and learning follows the “Systematic Approach to Training” also commonly referred to “The Training Cycle”. Quality assurance methods and techniques are applied throughout the process.

Our 15+ year history developing highly regarded law enforcement custom course content is now paired with cutting-edge mobile applications and knowledge software and the Know² Learning platform. We continue to forge relationships with global organizations, government agencies, law enforcement, and other institutions, to meet a growing spectrum of training needs.
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Know² is revolutionizing how law enforcement operates by brining together expert knowledge, standard operating procedures and applications that allow officers to do their job more effectively in the field.

Just as criminals are using the latest technologies to commit crime, the public expects law enforcement to use modern technology in order to best respond to the wide variety of complex crimes with a high level of effectiveness and professionalism.

Modern law enforcement work requires being knowledgeable about many types of crimes, best practice and correct operating procedures. It also requires collecting and transmitting large amounts of information. Learn More

Why Choose Know²?

  • Extensive experience delivering law enforcement training in more than 50 countries
  • Courses in more than 20 languages customized to local circumstances
  • All training is customized to meet the needs of your organization
  • International quality standards to meet the needs of large organizations and donors

What Client’s Say

“This is hands down the best training we have ever had. Our effectiveness has gone up dramatically – Customs official”
Luke Morrison, Custom official